Kate Grigsby

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Kate Grigsby, a singer-songwriter from Colorado, accompanies herself on the 12-string guitar.  Classically trained she has performed in several opera, musical theater, and straight theater productions.  Her passion lies in writing and performing folk-rock music.  Some of Kate's musical influences include:  The Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Pretenders, Maggie Simpson, and Elliot Smith.

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Nothing Only Everthing was written and performed, by Kate Grigsby 2002, Kung Bomar Records, Electric House Music, B.M.I.  All tracks recorded at Kung Bomar Studios in Hygiene, Colorado.

Kate's contact information

718.753.9178 kg@kategrigsby.com


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 Myself  In   Joy

Performing...  at the C-Note, the Elbow Room, CBGB's Gallery and Iggy's Pub

CBGB's Wednesday, March 17th - -$5 Kate Grigsby 8:00pm